Comic Goose Features

For Everyone: Comic Goose makes it quick and easy to create your own web site to elegantly display and explore your original comic artwork and comic book collection. Keep track of your favorite artwork and comic books, search a user's site or the entire art collection at Comic Goose, comment on pieces, find new artists or pieces to add to your collection or sell or trade with others, and more.

For Businesses: Upgrades available for online merchants, artists, and art dealers to add a custom domain or an integrated shopping cart with online payment system. Manage order workflow tasks with the in-site order management system.

More feature highlights:

  • Instantly create your own web site hosted at with no software installation or maintenance required. Optional support for hosting your site under a custom domain, such as
  • Free! All basic web site functionality is free. Additional fees apply for custom domains and shopping cart payment processing.
  • Discover American Express Visa Mastercard PayPalFully integrated shopping cart, credit card, and PayPal payment order management and inventory management support, allowing easy listing of items for sale and taking orders from customers.
  • Support for loading, displaying, and managing original comic artwork and comic books with full image management, search, marketing status, and comic artwork and comic book specific attribute control.
  • Get_cooliris
    CoolIris-enabled for world-class slideshow and 3-D "picture wall" viewing of artwork, books, galleries, and search results.
  • Support for large images: maximum upload file size of 10 MB per file, large picture resolution of 1600x1600 pixels.
  • Automatic faceted-classification presentation of your collection and search results, saving you the trouble of having to manually create galleries for each artist and allowing easy browsing, slicing, and drill-down of any size collections by various "facets" of interest, such as Author, Publisher, Art Type, Art Media, and Comment Count.
  • Enter your Twitter username in your account settings to display it on your site profile, making it easy for people to follow you and for you to stay in touch with fans, friends, and customers. Twitter can be a great way to keep people informed of your collecting or business activities.
  • RSSMedia RSS support on pages displaying art, books, galleries, or search results allows you to easily subscribe to feeds of your favorites with any RSS news reader.
  • Upload and enter details about a piece of artwork or comic book once, and then add the artwork to any number of galleries as desired. Or, display it in your main collection without having to add it to a specific gallery at all. Any later modifications to that piece, such as editing the description, marketing status, or authors, will be reflected across all galleries and your core collection.
  • Lightbox2-based image viewer for viewing full-size images of original comic artwork and comic books in an elegant popup display.
  • Multiple image support for original comic artwork and comic books, browsable via arrow keys within the lightbox pop-up display.
  • Drag-and-drop artwork to reorder within a gallery.
  • Upload a custom CSS stylesheet to specialize the look and feel of your site.
  • Servers hosted in a 24x7 world-class colocation facility with daily backups of all data.
  • And much more! Your feedback is welcome.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at